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"That Takes Ovaries!" at ECTC

Feb 23, 2012 - | 02:04 PM -

Women of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and walks of life, sharing moments when they were audacious, outrageous and courageous…now That Takes Ovaries! “That Takes Ovaries” - a book, a play, and an open mike night – will be hosted at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College on March 8, International Women’s Day in honor of Women’s History Month.

“That Takes Ovaries” is an international movement about empowering women and girls to be bold and brazen. Several vignettes of brave and gutsy actions by different women will be performed by ECTC students. Then the audience is invited to share their moments of courage, with short, personal stories that can be playful, serious, spontaneous, calculated, smart, sexy, and/or an example of leadership - anything that when you think about it today, makes you nod your head with pride or even semi-disbelief and think, "Wow! I did that!"

That Takes Ovaries is a unique initiative (and a nonprofit organization) mixing art with activism for women and girls' empowerment. Since 2002, hundreds of That Takes Ovaries open mikes have been held around the globe. At an Ovaries open mike, excerpts of the play are read aloud and then gutsy gals share stories about times they acted boldly. Guys brag about the ovaries in their lives -­-­ their mothers, sisters, daughters. Everyone who shares receives a Golden Ovary award -­ a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil.

“This can be a great ‘girls’ night out’ for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters and even supportive men friends,” said Deena Lilygren, ECTC English teacher who is coordinating the event. “The short plays will be inspirational, but the best part is the audience participation afterwards. We encourage people to give some thought to what they’d like to share. If you want to write your story and read it in one to five minutes, that’s great too. Or you can speak from the heart and off the top of your head about your bold, brazen, audacious action. What’s important is that everyone will leave this event feeling inspired and empowered. Courage is contagious! And this will be a lot of fun, too.”

Although there is no admission charge, donation will be accepted in support of the Hardin County Advocacy and Support Center. The event will be held on Thursday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. in room 212 of the Regional Postsecondary Center on ECTC’s Elizabethtown Campus.

For more information on “That Takes Ovaries,” visit the website at For specific information about the ECTC event, contact Deena Lilygren at 270-706-8582 or