Students at computers taking the COMPASS exam in the Assessment Center.

Placement Testing

We want you to be successful in the courses you take. And we abide by state-mandated minimum scores on the ACT and COMPASS tests to be sure you're ready for college-level classes.


In general, you must have an 19 in math on the ACT or a 36 on the COMPASS in the algebra section to take a class like algebra or calculus for a transfer degree. But we offer courses in pre-algebra, basic algebra and intermediate algebra to prepare you for those classes. Your placement score will help your advisor know which course will be a good fit for you. Many two-year programs require other math classes for which a lower COMPASS score would be sufficient. Your advisor will help you sort all this out.


You must score an 18 in English on the ACT or a 74 on the COMPASS to take English 101. We offer two foundations courses to prepare you to take English 101, required for all degrees.


If you score below an 20 in reading on the ACT or an 85 on the COMPASS, you'll take a reading class your first semester of college to boost your skills.

Additional Information

If you take an ACT test and score below 18 in in English, 19 in Math, or 20 in Reading, you'll be asked to take a COMPASS test in our Assessment Center, and the test is free the first time you take it. If you've not taken an ACT test, you can just take the COMPASS test when you apply.

Contact the Assessment Center for the best time for you to test. You can visit the ACT and COMPASS web sites to see sample questions so you'll do your best when you take the tests.

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