Group of Student Government Association, (SGA) members.

Activities and Organizations

Clubs at ECTC are started with the expressed interest of three or more students. If you wish to learn more about starting a new club contact Professor Chuck Spataro in room 129 of the RPC building or email

American Design Drafting Association (ADDA)

The American Design Drafting Association is a national nonprofit professional organization that offers membership to students of design drafting programs. Students enrolled in Computer Aided Design and Drafting, and Engineering programs are eligible for student membership:

  • Seeks to form strong ties between the business and education communities
  • Provides an opportunity for members to compete with other members in ADDA - affiliated colleges throughout the nation and to be rewarded for their achievements
  • Sponsors a rigorous curriculum certification programs for colleges offering design/drafting programs

Meets as needed.


Jack Johnson (270) 706-8675

Acoustic Guitar Club

The Acoustic Guitar Club meets every Friday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in room 121 of the James S. Owen (JSO) building. The guitar club is designed for guitarists of all ability levels. It's a great place to meet and make connections with your fellow guitarists. You must provide your own acoustic guitar and have a great attitude.


Dr. Gary Stearns (270) 706-8561
Kevin Shank (270) 706-8495

Baptist Campus Ministry

This is an organization of Baptist students open to all in promoting Christian fellowship in college life. Formerly, Baptist Student Union, the club provides activities for worship, discussion, social life, witness and ministry. BSU provides free lunch at meetings on once a week in the Science Auditorium. All faiths are invited to attend.


Joe Galloway (270) 706-8468

Biology Club

Provides students with interest in biological science opportunities to meet, share fellowship and to go on program related field trips. Projects could also include a 5K run.


Cindy Dixon

Chess Club

The Elizabethtown Chess Club welcomes every one of all ages and playing strength. We meet every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM , please refer to the E-town Chess Club website for the specific room and building location of the meetings. Club membership is free.


Ernie Weaver (270) 706-8688

Chorus (Choristers)

ECTC Chorus is a special interest organization for learning and recreation and is also a one-hour credit class that can be repeated for a total of 4 credits. Anyone who enjoys singing is welcome to join. Choristers sing music in a variety of styles. Each semester, the students participate in a Variety Show and a more formal concert. Practices are held twice a week.


Dr. Camille Hill (270) 706-8448

Continuing Education Classes

The Workforce Solutions office, located in room 107 of the Central Regional Post-secondary Education Center, provides you and the community with high quality technical and soft skills training programs at a reasonable cost in an attempt to serve your lifelong learning needs. Classes change each semester, come by and pick up a schedule of our latest offerings at the Workforce Solutions Office.


The Workforce Solutions Office
(270) 706-8700

Criminal Justice Club

The CJ Club will offer activities supporting student development and leadership by providing guest lecturers, topical career information and fellowship opportunities for the ECTC community.


Lawrence (Larry) Kelley (270) 706-8490

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is located on the lower level of the Student Center (STC) and access is free to all ECTC Students. Exercise equipment includes bike, stepper, treadmill, rower, weights, and aerobic tapes.

Green Group

The Green Group is a student club that meets monthly to make connections between ECTC populations and the community via education, research, and activities promoting environmental/green awareness and sustainable development.

This club is currently inactive, however interested students may contact Professor Chuck Spataro for more information.


Chuck Spataro (270) 706-8476

GSA: Common Ground

The GSA: Common Ground organization, formed in 2004, welcomes all students, regardless of gender identity, gender preference, or gender status.
The purpose of the GSA: Common Ground is to provide safe social, emotional, and educational support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning (GLBTQ), and ally populations on campus and in the surrounding communities. The GSA: Common Ground also acts as an educational student organization to provide greater awareness of the issues that concern the members themselves, the university, and the surrounding communities. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. (informal meetings are infrequently held on Fridays at 3:00 p.m.) in room 112 of the James S. Owen building (JSO).  Interested parties should check the group's Facebook page for details on the Friday meetings. 


Mary Rigney (270) 706-8627

The Heartland Review

The Heartland Review features poetry, prose, art. ECTC students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members may submit original fiction, poetry, art.


Mick Kennedy (270) 706-8407

Intramural Activities

Intramural activities are encouraged for both full-time and part-time students. Sufficient interest by students and faculty in past years has led to participation in such events as beach volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball, chess, checkers, video gaming and flag football events. For more information on intramural activities contact Chuck Spataro in room 129 RPC.

Kentucky Association of Nursing Students (KANS)

The Kentucky Association of Nursing Students is a pre-professional organization for students currently enrolled in the Registered Nursing program or with a declared major of Associate Degree Nursing. KANS meets monthly.


Pat Walston (270) 706-8584
Brad McCrobie (270) 706-8879

Kentucky Education Association Student Program (KEASP)

The Kentucky Education Association Student Program (KEASP) is for teacher education students. Membership benefits include such things as subscriptions to professional journals, professional development opportunities, community service opportunities, scholarship opportunities, a $1 million professional liability policy, networking opportunities, and future discounts on full time teacher membership to KEA. The local joint ECTC/WKU chapter is very active at providing local professional development and community service opportunities to members.


Julie Coy (270) 706-8672

Phi Theta Kappa

This is an International honor society specifically for two-year colleges dedicated to encourage scholarship, leadership and service. Membership is by invitation to students based on grade point average achieved on college work (3.5 Cumulative GPA after 12 college hours), character and citizenship. Phi Theta Kappa meets Wednesdays at 12:00 noon in room 112 of the Administration (ADM) building.


Kevin Parrett (270) 706-8640  
Tracy Bratcher (270) 706-8506
Jaqueline Hawkins (270) 706-8538

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

As a national post-secondary business organization for students with an interest in business, membership in Phi Beta Lambda:

  • Develops effective leadership qualities and skills
  • Develops communication skills
  • Offers state and national conferences and workshops
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Encourages professional development
  • Provides opportunities to participate in professional competitions so students can increase their levels of knowledge and professionalism
  • Provides meaningful interaction with business and industry


Revel Metzger (270) 706-8671
Sherry H. Barnes (270) 706-8706

Phoenix Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a focal point of information, education and activism concerning domestic violence, child abuse, disabilities and other obstacles that can interfere with quality of life. The members, along with the college, will collaborate with other organizations to provide information and promote awareness.


Samantha Manire (270) 706-8467
Susan Berry (270) 706-8436

Poetry Readings

The Morrison Gallery Writers' Roundtable Poetry Series is open to all who want to read their own or someone else's poetry or just listen.

You can visit the Heartland Review Facebook page for dates and times!  Readings are held in room 112 of the Administration building (ADM) at 6:00 p.m. and begin with an open mic session.


Deena Lilygren (270) 706-8447

Practical Nursing Student Club, (PNSC)

The primary purpose of the PNSC is to serve its members in the following ways:

  • Promotion of programs and activities that allows individualized development in:
    • Physical, mental and social well-being
    • Leadership, character, and citizenship
    • Promotion of cultural understanding on campus and within the community
  • Build confidence of students in themselves and their work by providing opportunities to assume responsibilities which results in development of personal and occupational competencies and social skills that lead to realistic choices of careers and successful employment within the health care profession.
  • Encourages inter-organizational relationships with professional groups, business, industries and other campus and community organizations.  


Rhonda Blanks (270) 706-8668
Dora Thomas (270) 706-8525

Psychology Club

This is an undergraduate student organization in psychology. The requirements for membership are an interest in psychology (you do not have to be a psychology major), and a one-time membership fee of $10.00. The club will sponsor programs and activities during the school year on various topics promoting the field and encouraging career planning for psychology majors.


Tracy Bratcher (270) 706-8506

Respiratory Care Club

The Respiratory Care Club strives to promote the Respiratory Care Profession to include Lung health and wellness across the Elizabethtown Community & Technical College campus and into the local community.

Past activities have included screening the ECTC over 35 years of age population for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in conjunction with the National Drive4COPD Foundation, selling Yankee Candles & Pampered Chef items and offering free Blood Pressure and Pulse Oximetry Checks during Respiratory Care Week.

Current Activities include:

  • Selling of Teddy Bears that will go to Pediatric and Geriatric Patients around Christmas time—A community “give back” Service
  • Selling Live Christmas Wreaths (proceeds to go towards student mock exams)
  • Selling World’s Finest Chocolates (proceeds to go towards student mock exams)

For more information you can visit our Respiratory Care Facebook page!


Rebecca Higdon (270) 706-8462
Pat Fisher (270) 706-8660


SkillsUSA is a national organization of post-secondary and secondary students enrolled in technical education programs. The Night chapter meets twice a month, and the day chapter varies their times. Membership in the local chapter:

  • Provides students with opportunities to make valuable industry contacts
  • Involves members in community service projects
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Helps students stay knowledgeable of industry trends
  • Provides the opportunity to participate in Local, State and National Skills Contests
  • Teaches professional development


Bonnie Elder (270) 706-8629

Society for Human Resource Management

Society for Human Resource Management...


Toney Slone (270) 706-8505

Kris Wood (270) 706-8412

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassadors serve as an official public relations unit for ECTC. They provide campus guests with tours as part of the Welcome Center. Ambassadors often travel “off-campus” visiting schools and civic clubs carrying the mission of ECTC into the community. They are also provided with leadership training.  The selection process takes place each Spring in April and May for the following academic year.  To become a student ambassador interested parties must fill out an application located in room 102 ATB. Particular emphasis is placed on speaking abilities, knowledge of the College and level of student involvement. Student Ambassadors must have a 3.0 grade point average to be eligible. A scholarship is awarded to each ambassador.


Jan Nemes (270) 706-8555

Student Government Association

ECTC Student Government Association provides the means by which members of the student body as a whole may express concerns regarding student life and serves as a liaison between these same students and ECTC’s administration, faculty and staff. SGA supervises all affairs involving students in which the administration, faculty and staff are not directly involved, supports acceptable administrative policy, and promotes among students an active interest in college affairs.

SGA Goals are:

  1. Explore concerns of the student body
  2. Promote school morale in the student body
  3. Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work
  4. Organize and develop extracurricular activities
  5. Encourage and practice high standards for student achievement
  6. Encourage scholarships and school loyalty
  7. Promote service projects of the community and campus

ECTC SGA meetings are open to all students and are held at 2:00 p.m. EDT every Wednesday during the semester.

Chuck Spataro


TheStreet is the student-supported official publication of ECTC. TheStreet is published monthly throughout the academic year and is free on campus to all students, faculty and staff. Always looking for students to help write, take pictures and sell advertising.


Gina Clear

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