Student Success Coach.

Student Success Coach

What is a Student Success Coach?

A Success Coach is someone you can meet with to address issues that don’t seem to fit anywhere else if you’ve decided to enroll in college, begin a career, change careers, update your skills or finish what you started previously. Meeting with a Success Coach allows for a comfortable, casual visit to discuss your schooling options.

A Success Coach is not an Academic Advisor. They do not plan your class schedule, review your grades or determine how many more classes you need. Your Success Coach will discuss with you what you believe you really want to do with your future and any concerns you may have about your chosen field of study.

A Success Coach will help you develop learning and life management strategies, and help you decide who you need to speak with to get your studies on track. If you are experiencing any issues that are impacting your ability to complete your educational goals, your Success Coach will refer you to the correct resource to address the issue of concern.

A Success Coach can also help you with life's challenges, providing guidance to help you overcome any barriers getting in the way of your success. You might learn new skills for managing your time or how to take advantage of the many campus resources readily available to you.

In addition to helping you design strategies tailored to your specific situation; your Success Coach will stay on top of KCTCS policies and might be aware of options you had not previously considered.

Success Coach Meetings

  • Around the first of the semester, you’ll review your course load and devise strategies to attack your work.  
  • About mid-semester, after settling into your classes, you’ll meet again to monitor long-term assignment dates and proper management.
  • At the end of the semester, you’ll discuss the final focus on any remaining work. 

Contact Information

KCTCS/Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
Cathy McCallum ~ Student Success Coach
Workforce Solutions
OTB 1st Floor Room 301
620 College Street Road
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 706-8730 or (877) 246-2322 extension 68730




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