Keneysha Rodney

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Future English Teacher

A stay-at-home mother of two young daughters, Keneysha Rodney planned to earn her college degree when her children started school. But plans changed when she and her husband separated. She found a new home, a daycare and school for the kids, and a job for herself after not working for seven years.

"One day I decided if I was going to do "it" then I better do "it" all the way, so I enrolled in college. I want to be able to give my children a certain type of lifestyle, and to do that I knew I would need a career not just a job."

"ECTC was my choice because it was close and affordable. I was shocked at how easy registration was. I applied for financial aid, had orientation, met with an advisor and enrolled effortlessly. The staff was key in keeping me well informed and offering much needed encouragement."

"I’ve been blessed with the best instructors. They understand the complexity of life that comes with a non-traditional student body, yet they maintain high expectations. I’ve been challenged and transformed as a result of my exposure to the knowledge not only gained in the classroom but also from fellow students."

"I would like to return to ECTC as a professor to reproduce the enormity of what I have received. It has been a worthwhile journey!"





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