Kerrie Lewis

Kerrie Lewis' Photo.

Business Owner

Now a successful local entrepreneur, Kerrie Lewis began her college career about 12 years ago, as a single mother with all the challenges of two small children depending on her for survival and stability. Kerrie knew the importance of an education, and chipped away at her college degree, sometimes taking just one or two classes, as time and finances permitted.

Even when she eventually remarried and became a small business owner, she never gave up her dream of earning her college degree. Finally in 2009, she graduated with distinction with an associate in arts degree.

"I will return from time to time, to take a class that interests me and to continue to broaden my horizons," Kerrie said. "You can never be done learning, after all."

"This college has meant a great deal to me and to my family. I have had the privilege of knowing some of the finest teachers and staff members, and their conscientious efforts made quite a difference in my education and my outlook. All are extremely knowledgeable and capable and have a passion for their subjects."

"I am proud to be a part of the 2009 graduating class of ECTC, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I intend to pay it forward . . . to help others who want to improve themselves as I did."






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