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Versailles, Ky. —  Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Jay K. Box recently announced the 2016 Award of Excellence winners. Every year, exemplary faculty and staff from each of the KCTCS colleges and the System Office are honored with the Award of Excellence.


Versailles, Ky. —  The Kentucky Community and Technical College System's (KCTCS) summer enrollment numbers are higher than they were last year at this point and are on pace to surpass 2015 total summer enrollment. Systemwide enrollment is up 2 percent, with some colleges showing increases from 2– 25 percent.


Versailles, Ky. — The 16 colleges of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) are offering students a one-stop enrollment opportunity during the week of July 18. Express Enrollment week is an event to help prospective students with one-on-one advising regarding enrollment, financial aid, scheduling and other items that need to be completed for the fall semester. Additionally, if a student has not taken a required test, that can be scheduled as well.


Thousands of students have taken the next step, and you can too!

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0:00 :Every year exemplary faculty and staff from each of the KCTCS colleges and the

0:11 : system office are honored with the award of excellence.

0:14 : Two outstanding staff members who have made extraordinary contributions to

0:19 : KCTCS and its students are selected by each college and the system office.

0:24 : Colleges also select an outstanding faculty member.

0:28 : All are nominated by college or system office leadership. Because we have so

0:34 : many dedicated and committed folks at KCTCS it's always a difficult choice to

0:39 : select the winners.

0:40 : It's my honor to present this year's award of excellence recipients.

0:49 : Ashland Community and Technical College; faculty, Jonathan Joy, English; support

0:57 : Roxanne Neal, health sciences division assistant; administrative Krisha Spears

1:03 : workforce solutions specialist

1:05 : Big Sandy Community and Technical College; faculty, Collista Allen, nursing;

1:11 : support, Sally Porter, administrative assistant; administrative, Donald

1:17 : Montgomery, M&O supervisor. Bluegrass Community and Technical College; faculty,

1:24 : Dr. Debra Davis, allied health and Natural Sciences; support, Kay Glass,

1:29 : facilities team leader; administrative, Tania Crawford Gross,

1:34 : associate vp of retention and student success

1:38 : Elizabethtown Community and Technical College; faculty, Wanda Poteat, developmental reading;

1:46 : support, Amy Ball, student affairs assistant III; administrative, Suzanne Darland, director,

1:52 : faculty advising center. Gateway Community and Technical College; faculty,

1:58 : Mike P. Riley, business; support

2:02 : Rebecca Tuemler, senior administrative assistant; administrative, Doug Penix

2:07 : associate vice president of academic services; Hazard Community and Technical

2:12 : College; faculty Wilma Maggard, cosmetology; support, Kena Mullins senior

2:19 : administrative assistant; administrative Richard Ramsey, instructional specialist,

2:25 : math lab; Henderson Community College; faculty, Carol Mattingly, nursing; support

2:32 : Tammie Zuber, student affairs assistant II;

2:35 : administrative, Paul Kasenow,

2:38 : interim chief academic officer;

2:41 : Hopkinsville Community College; faculty

2:44 : Dr. Kevin Felton, sociology; support,

2:47 : Keri Williams, payroll specialist; administrative, Dr. Jason Warren, chief

2:53 : student affairs officer;

2:55 : Jefferson Community and Technical College; faculty Patricia Bebee, technology master trainer;

3:03 : support, Danielle Doyle administrative assistant humanities; administrative Maia Langley,

3:09 : director of dual credit and early college;

3:12 : Madisonville Community College; faculty

3:16 : Dr. Mary Werner, division chair and english professor for humanities; support

3:21 : Debbie Alsip, senior administrative assistant; administrative, Amy Wilkerson,

3:28 : director of enrollment management; Maysville Community and Technical

3:32 : College; faculty Patrick Zemba, culinary;

3:37 : support, Valerie Mullins, student success coach; administrative, Missy Stitt, it business

3:43 : office manager

3:44 : Owensboro community and Technical College; faculty

3:48 : Angela Ash, history; support,

3:52 : Angela Smith, library specialist printingl; administrative, Sheri Plain, director of

3:58 : special projects, workforce solutions

4:00 : Somerset Community College; faculty, Carol Calcaterra, business and professional services;

4:07 : support, Sara Tucker, facilities management specialist; administrative

4:13 : Cindy Clouse, director of advancement;

4:16 : Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College; faculty, Jennifer

4:21 : Shoemake, nursing; support

4:24 : Kristie Lee, administrative assistant, arts and humanities; administrative, Kyle

4:30 : Barron, director of student life and engagement; Southeast Kentucky Community

4:35 : and Technical College; faculty, Astor Simpson, psychology;

4:40 : Josh Brooks, administrative assistant; administrative, Dr. Rick Mason,

4:46 : chief Learning Officer; West Kentucky Community and Technical College; faculty,

4:53 : Dr. Lisa Stephenson, director of K through 12 partnerships; support, Nancy

4:59 : Robbins, student affairs assistant III; administrative, Kevin O'Neill, director of

5:05 : community education; system office support

5:09 : Kayla Mcintosh, virtual student services retention and crm strategist;

5:14 : administrative, Derek Ball, financial aid program coordinator

5:22 : From the group just introduced

5:23 : we also selected one faculty member, two administrative support staff members and

5:29 : one support staff member for the overall KCTCS Award of Excellence. The recipients

5:36 : of the KCTCS award of excellence will receive a crystal award and one thousand

5:41 : dollars will be transferred to the college in their name to use for a

5:45 : personal professional development event of their choosing. This year's faculty

5:51 : winner is Dr. Deborah Davis from BCTC. Deborah started the biotechnology

5:58 : program at BCTC. She has helped her students obtain internships at the

6:02 : Department of Energy and established programs with high schools and

6:06 : universities to seamlessly move students in the 12 through 16 pipeline

6:11 : She has a passion for teaching and learning and leads by example.

6:16 : Congratulations Deborah you are making a real difference in the life of your

6:21 : students.

6:22 : The first KCTCS administrative staff award winner is Sheri Plain from OCTC.

6:28 : Sheri is director of special projects for Workforce Solutions. Her

6:34 : efforts on work based learning have garnered credibility and recognition for

6:38 : the college and the system and serves as a guide for other colleges and

6:42 : communities that want to replicate the model. Her positive can-do attitude

6:48 : dedication commitment and professional efforts on behalf of OCTC and KCTCS

6:55 : are shining examples of putting service to others above self. Congratulations

7:01 : Sheri and thank you for all you do.

7:04 : Our second administrative staff award winner is Amy Wilkinson from

7:08 : Madisonville. Each year

7:11 : Amy coordinates on campus visits for well over 1,500 public school children.

7:17 : She also directs a detailed enrollment management plan each year to support the

7:23 : college's recruitment and marketing efforts.

7:25 : Amy has a sense of humor and approaches her work with a tireless focus on the

7:31 : student experience and what the college can do to improve it.

7:35 : Congratulations Amy, well deserved. This year support staff award recipient is

7:42 : Nancy Robbins from West Kentucky.

7:45 : Nancy is definitely a friendly face to students at WKCTC. She's the go-to person

7:51 : when it comes to student records because of her 20 years of experience.

7:56 : She never backs down from a challenge and has an ability to make individuals

8:01 : feel special.

8:03 : Congratulations Nancy, thanks for all you do for our students.

8:08 : Again, congratulations to all of our 2016 winners for your outstanding

8:13 : contributions to your colleges and to the entire system.

8:17 : It's a privilege to work with such a special group of people.